Kitchen island cabinet or work bench

I made a new work bench for my workshop, since I use power tools 90% of the time I needed to build myself a work bench / assemble table. I built the face frames and door frames from poplar, the door panels are 1/4″ plywood and the rest is 3/4″ plywood.

Here is an end view of my workbench during the build process. I am going to use oak gel stain, I often practice using new finish colors and techniques on my workshop cabinets before I make cabinets for inside the house.
As you can see I am still busy with the finish, I do all my finishing using the rag technique, I find this leaves no strips and is very quick and easy to do. Check out this website on how to finish like a pro.
Here you can see the finished frame panels doors, these are easy to make using a rail and stile router bit set on a router table. I buy most of my router bit sets here they are a bit expensive but I have had my sets for 8 years and they are still in great condition, and I use them a lot. You can also view really good how-to videos on their site, this is a site that I recommend if you are going to build your own cabinets.
Here is a close up view of two doors.
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