Cobra X3 has arrived

Well my new Cobra X3 is finally in my workshop.

I hired a flat bed tow truck to pick up the Cobra from the transport depot. At the depot they loaded the machine onto the flat bed using a fork lift

During the unloading process we found out that it was better to remove the side and top off the crate, Drive driver maneuvered the flat bed in front of my workshop, tilted the truck bed up and nothing happened, we hoked up the cable winch and slowly pulled the machine down the truck bed.

The machine was 3/4 into my workshop and off the flat bed, so I paid the driver and off he went. I installed casters on the legs of the table that were in my shop and using the old roman method, we slowly moved the machine, inch by inch into the workshop.

The whole process took 4 hours from the time at the depot to closing my workshop door. We then spent 3 more hours cutting up the crate and loading it into my pickup.

Sorry the some pictures are dark.

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