IWF 2012

My wife and I just visited the IWF 2012 in Atlanta this year ……. I was a great show, here are a few pictures of the CAMaster booth

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  1. Johan Venter says:

    Hello Mick

    I am from South Africa, 60 years old and imported myself a CA Master series 1 in August to start creating models as a hobby.

    What I thought will be hobby is starting to get more towards a full time business. The more I create products and people see the more the request for products. I will see in the new year but I do consider buying a 2nd machine.

    Thanks for the photos and who knows maybe I can attend a show, nothing is impossible, hope we can talk again

    Johan Venter

    With the rand dollar exchange, import duties ext the series 1 cost me R 130,000

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