Here you can download programs that are used for the CNC.
All the programs are written for a CAMaster machine using Wincnc software.

*** NEW *** Turning Round Wizard


This program will turn square to round with the click of a few buttons

Part 1 is how to use the software.

Part 2 is how to setup your machine.

Important setup information:
– Z0 is on the center line of the A axis.
– X0 is top dead center of A axis.
– Y0 is is a safe distance from the chuck / mounting plate.

– Measure the height, width and length of your square blank and enter the values into the appropriate box.
– Set X0Y0 a safe distance away from the chuck / mounting plate.
– Enter the project length.
– Enter the project final diameter.
– Enter the router bit diameter (use a large endmill)
– Select spindle speed.

Click here to download – Turning Round Wizard

Spoilboard Wizard


The way this program works is to install the largest end mill into your collect and tighten it. Next carefully lower the end mill till it touches the spoilboard. Leave the end mill touching the spoilboard. Next open the Spoilboard Wizard program, select your machine from the pull down menu. Measure the width and length of your spoilboard and enter the values into the appropriate fields. If you wise to use the override values then use the pull down menus. If you spindle/router does NOT support auto On/Off then check the NO radio button. Once you are satisfied with the setting click the “Generate G-Code Button”. Load the file into Wincnc, click the preview button, if all looks good press enter.

Click here to download – Spoilboard Wizard

US Router Tools – Chip Load Calculator

Great program can be used on any CNC router using any control software

Click on image to visit US Router Tools website

– Download the program and extract on your desktop.
– Enter your desired RPM that you want to run the bit into the green box.
– Click Calculate Feed Rate button this will use the chip load range to give you a Feed rate range in inches per min.
– Scroll down until you find your desired material.
– You have 3 options Single Flute, Two Flute, Three Flute. Pick one that corresponds with your bit.
– Next choose the diameter of your bit in the window and find the feed rate range for your project.

Click here to download – US Router Tools, Chip Load Calculator