In this section you will find information on my CNC’s and CNC related projects.

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Pneumatic pop-up pin

I decided to install pneumatic pop-up pin along the X and Y axis of my spoilboard to index sheet good (plywood, MDF etc…)

Video of CAMaster factory

Here is a video of the CAMaster factory in Cartersville Georgia. Here is a video of a Gentec T3 build for CAMaster.

2 carved cedar signs.

Here are 2 carved cedar signs I recently made for a customer, I first gave 2 coats of shellac to the bare wood to ensure the paint would not soak into the cedar grain. I then proceeded to carve the … Continue reading

Milling coffee table maple slabs

A co-worker asked if I could mill flat two coffee table maple slabs both sides, I was thinking how am I going to hold the down on the spoilboard. I came up with the idea of making two biscuit slots … Continue reading

Spiral Barley Twist

I just finished my first test run making a hollow spiral barley twist post on the recoil, it is made from a 4″x4″ post. I bought the barley twist bit from…roup&theID=240 Total machine time = 17 minutes What I … Continue reading

Decided to make a new computer station for my CNC

I have been using an old workmate as my ATC workstation, it didn’t look very professorial when the customers came to my workshop. So I decides to make a tall corner cabinet, the countertop is 44″ off the ground (I … Continue reading

IWF 2012

My wife and I just visited the IWF 2012 in Atlanta this year ……. I was a great show, here are a few pictures of the CAMaster booth

Decided to upgrade

After long and hard thinking I decided to sell my CAMaster Cobra X3 and upgrade to a 5′ x 8′ ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) with 10 tools, the new machine should arrive around end December 2011. First I had to … Continue reading

New Stinger CNC table

Well it’s been about 18 months I have been using my Stinger on a temporary table with extensions cords. Well I finally finished the table today. The base is made from 4″ x 4″ with 2″ x 8″ stretchers upper … Continue reading

Deer carving

This project is a deer carved in a dish with a forest background. The design is from Vectric Wild life DVD. Material is African mahogany 15/16″ thick, 11 1/4″ wide by 16 3/4 high. I V-Carved my name on the … Continue reading

Wild life Clock

Here is my latest 3D work I made yesterday, I got the idea from Michael T over on the Vectric forum. The clock is 10.5″ wide, 17.5″ tall and 1.25″ thick, the material is Hickory. Roughing – .25 end mill … Continue reading

Lazy Susan project

My wife wanted a large Lazy Susan and since she like the basket weave design this is what I came up with, The material African Mahogany and there is no finish on it yet, my wife will do the finishing … Continue reading

Pictures of Aspire meeting

My wife and I just got back yesterday after attending an Aspire meeting (CNC Software) at Jim McGrew workshop in South Carolina, it was a great weekend and there were some very talented people that showed there work. There are … Continue reading

Aspire meeting at Jim McGrews

It’s that time of year again, my wife and I are attending an Aspire (CNC software) meeting at Jim McGrews in Columbia, South Caronlina. We have our flights, Hotel and car rental all booked, I will post pictures later.

3D Wild Life Carving

Here is my latest project, it’s a 3D carving for above a door. The design is from Vectric Wild life DVD. Material is African mahogany 1 1/8″ thick, 34″ long x 10″ high, the 3D carving is 32″ long x … Continue reading

Valentines Day Project

Here is a project I made for my wife for Valentines day, this project was designed by Michael Tyler ( and hosted by Vectric ( Here is the link Project Tutorial – I used Bubinga wood for the main project … Continue reading

3 Home theater signs

Here are 3 home theater signs made from 1/2″ MDF, finish size is 14″ wide by 9 1/2″ high. Cutting time on the CNC was around 2 hours per sign. Here is an update picture of the signs installed.

Cobra X3 has arrived

Well my new Cobra X3 is finally in my workshop. I hired a flat bed tow truck to pick up the Cobra from the transport depot. At the depot they loaded the machine onto the flat bed using a fork … Continue reading

My new CAMaster Cobra X3

Here is my new CAMaster Cobra X3 at the manufacturers in the final testing stage, should be ready in a week or so. CAMaster’s flagship is the Cobra Series CNC. The Cobra is a truly versatile industrial Router. The best … Continue reading

Making a spoilerboard for my Stinger CNC router

I finally got round to making a spoilerboard for my Stinger CNC router. I cut 3 pieces of ¾” MDF and screwed them down to the Stinger top, leaving the “T” slots open so I could use them for clamping … Continue reading

CAMaster at IWF 2010

Here is a slide show of the CAMaster booth at the IWF in Atlanta 2010.

First test run

Today Monday 12th July is the big day, I spent a few hours checking everything and it was finally time to set the CNC in action, Jim McGrew helped me via the internet … Thanks Jim.

New CAMaster CNC router arrived

Well today Friday 9th July my new CAMaster arrived.

New CNC router

My new CNC router should arrive next week then I hope to start creating some 3D parts.