In the section you will find my woodworking projects and tools I use, check back every now and then for updates.

Kitchen island cabinet or work bench

I made a new work bench for my workshop, since I use power tools 90% of the time I needed to build myself a work bench / assemble table. I built the face frames and door frames from poplar, the door panels are 1/4″ plywood and the rest is 3/4″ plywood. Here is an end […]

Jet Power Tools

The all-new JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw from JET (shown here with optional fence) has been fully redesigned to meet the needs of today’s most demanding woodworkers. Gone are the days of adding a riser block; this 14″ bandsaw comes with a massive cast iron frame for increased power that makes it ready to meet all […]

Powermatic tools

A jointer can machine a face or edge of a board perfectly flat and straight. It can also make adjoining surfaces square to each other. What it can’t do is make any surfaces parallel to each other. That is the job of the thickness planer or in the case of edges, the table saw. The […]