Decided to upgrade

After long and hard thinking I decided to sell my CAMaster Cobra X3 and upgrade to a 5′ x 8′ ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) with 10 tools, the new machine should arrive around end December 2011. First I had to crate and ship my Cobra X3 out. I decided to ship the machine back to CAMasters in Georgia for a service before shipping the machine to the new owner.

Deer carving

This project is a deer carved in a dish with a forest background. The design is from Vectric Wild life DVD.
Material is African mahogany 15/16″ thick, 11 1/4″ wide by 16 3/4 high.

I V-Carved my name on the back using a 22 degree v-carve bit, the label is 4″ wide by 4″ high.
Roughing toolpath was done was a 1/4″ end mill – 150 ins/min machining time: 1 hours 25 minutes.
Finishing toolpath was done with 1/8″ taper ball nose – 150 ins/min machining time: 1 hours 50 minutes.
V-Carving 15 minutes

Total machine time was 3 hours 30 minutes.

The finish applied is 3 coats of Shellac

Wild life Clock

Here is my latest 3D work I made yesterday, I got the idea from Michael T over on the Vectric forum. The clock is 10.5″ wide, 17.5″ tall and 1.25″ thick, the material is Hickory.

Roughing – .25 end mill – 200 ins/min
Finishing – .125 taper ball nose – 150 ins/min

Total machine time 5 hours

Lazy Susan project

My wife wanted a large Lazy Susan and since she like the basket weave design this is what I came up with, The material African Mahogany and there is no finish on it yet, my wife will do the finishing herself.

3D Wild Life Carving

Here is my latest project, it’s a 3D carving for above a door. The design is from Vectric Wild life DVD.
Material is African mahogany 1 1/8″ thick, 34″ long x 10″ high, the 3D carving is 32″ long x 8″ high.
Roughing toolpath was done was a 1/4″ end mill – machining time: 2 hours.
Finishing Toolpath was done with 1/8″ taper ball nose – machining time – 4 hours 10 minutes.
Total machine time was 6 hours 10 minutes.

At present there is no finish applied and I am thinking of doing a glaze finish. see glazing finish tutorial by Tim Merrill Here

Valentines Day Project

Here is a project I made for my wife for Valentines day, this project was designed by Michael Tyler ( and hosted by Vectric (

Here is the link Project Tutorial

– I used Bubinga wood for the main project also known as African Rosewood, Essingang, Buvenga.
– 1/4″ dowels  from the local craft store.
– 3 feet from the local craft store.
– Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold spray paint – for the dowels and feet
– Krylon Metallic Brilliant Red spray paint

The only finish I did was 2 coats of shellac on the Bubinga.

Total machine time was around 4 hours, 3 router bits were use.
1) 1/4″ end mill (roughing),
2) 1/8″ ball nose (finishing),
3) 1/4″ end mill (cut out)

Cobra X3 has arrived

Well my new Cobra X3 is finally in my workshop.

I hired a flat bed tow truck to pick up the Cobra from the transport depot. At the depot they loaded the machine onto the flat bed using a fork lift

During the unloading process we found out that it was better to remove the side and top off the crate, Drive driver maneuvered the flat bed in front of my workshop, tilted the truck bed up and nothing happened, we hoked up the cable winch and slowly pulled the machine down the truck bed.

The machine was 3/4 into my workshop and off the flat bed, so I paid the driver and off he went. I installed casters on the legs of the table that were in my shop and using the old roman method, we slowly moved the machine, inch by inch into the workshop.

The whole process took 4 hours from the time at the depot to closing my workshop door. We then spent 3 more hours cutting up the crate and loading it into my pickup.

Sorry the some pictures are dark.

My new CAMaster Cobra X3

Here is my new CAMaster Cobra X3 at the manufacturers in the final testing stage, should be ready in a week or so.

CAMaster Cobra X3

CAMaster’s flagship is the Cobra Series CNC. The Cobra is a truly versatile industrial Router. The best part of the Cobra CNC Router is that it is extremely affordable. The Cobra, like all CAMaster’s products, is built by us in the USA and is backed by the industries best warranty and CAMaster’s unparalleled support.

CAMaster has designed the Cobra Series to stand out against the competition. The difference can be easily seen in the Cobra’s industrial welded steel frame. The heavy frame gives the Cobra the rigidity that other machines may lack. CAMaster also enlists Hiwin linear bearings & rails on all axes of the Cobra. This gives the Cobra a smooth and responsive movement. The Cobra Series boasts an industrial controller powered by WinCNC. This platform gives the Cobra a stable working environment allowing CAMaster the tools to use the full potential of our Remote Technician Support.

What does X3 stand for:

One of the more noticeable options to the Cobra Series is CAMaster’s X3 option. Exclusively available on the Cobra the X3 gives you the ability to use 3 tools in one file without the need of changing tools. This is accomplished by using 2 side mounted routers that are pneumatically actuated. The WinCNC control software keeps up with the position offsets. All the Cobra X3 needs is a T command from your CAD/CAM software to perform its less than 5 sec. tool change.

The X3 gives the Cobra a tool changing option at a fraction of the cost of an automatic tool changing spindle. The side mounted routers are intended for light to moderate routing needs. (drilling, dados, rabbits, engraving, carving, & more) The center high frequency spindle is intended for the more demanding jobs and can be upgraded if necessary.

For more details on CAMaster routers  Click here