Demo Samples

Here are a few demo sample files that came with the Trotec laser, the first 2 pictures of laser engraving in wood the 3rd picture is a sample of cutting paper and also engraving into paper.

Paper wrought iron fence

After a few hours of drawing I finally cut a paper version of a wrought iron fence for my wife’s miniature house, the fence is 14.5″ long x 3″ high.

Wooden Business Card

Well my new Trotec laser engraver is setup so new it’s time to run some demos to learn how to use it. Here is a sample business card the material is way to think but I just wanted to try and see what the results looked like.

2 carved cedar signs.

Here are 2 carved cedar signs I recently made for a customer, I first gave 2 coats of shellac to the bare wood to ensure the paint would not soak into the cedar grain. I then proceeded to carve the signs, after 2 coats of primer followed by 2 coats of white paint, finally used the random orbital sander with 220 grit paper.

The signs are 19″ wide x 11″ tall

Milling coffee table maple slabs

A co-worker asked if I could mill flat two coffee table maple slabs both sides, I was thinking how am I going to hold the down on the spoilboard. I came up with the idea of making two biscuit slots on each end, which he was going to cut off. I laid the maple slab 24″ x 44″ x 3″ on the spoilboard and using wooden wedges I was able to level the slab to get the most yield out of the material.

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Spiral Barley Twist

I just finished my first test run making a hollow spiral barley twist post on the recoil, it is made from a 4″x4″ post. I bought the barley twist bit from…roup&theID=240

Total machine time = 17 minutes

What I think is really amazing, I machined this with G-Code I wrote myself

Decided to make a new computer station for my CNC

I have been using an old workmate as my ATC workstation, it didn’t look very professorial when the customers came to my workshop. So I decides to make a tall corner cabinet, the countertop is 44″ off the ground (I prefer to stand and operate the CNC) it has one large door with my CNC computer and an amplifier for my music (got to have music in the shop). There is one large drawer for router bits etc and one small drawer for my pencils. I used Aspire software to cut the plywood panels, the faceframe and side panels were done on my router table. The material is popular and stained oak the panels are 1/4″ Jatoba, there were all off cuts from prior jobs.

IWF 2012

My wife and I just visited the IWF 2012 in Atlanta this year ……. I was a great show, here are a few pictures of the CAMaster booth

Some ATC Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the new ATC table I am laying down T-Tracks, T-Tracks is a system where you use a standard bolt except you slide the bolt head into the tracks so the threaded portion protrudes upwards. You can them use a piece of wood and a large nut to hold the work piece in position.